Turning the Page

It’s pouring outside, and I’ve called in sick simply because I wanted to stay home and bake Christmas cookies.

This is when it hits me: Food has become more than a professional interest in the two years since I founded Food & Think, a blog about food history, science and culture for Smithsonian magazine. It’s become a personal obsession, too.

I’m leaving Smithsonian soon to become an editor at another amazing magazine*, but I don’t want to give up food writing. I don’t want to lose the connections I’ve made to so many of you who also care deeply about food and its role in our lives. So this blog will mirror my own explorations in terms of food, people and places, and the connections between them.

My other obsessions may make an appearance, too. Language and literature, for example. Travel. Wine. Photography. Dogs. Craft beer. Maple. The wishes of strangers. Old trees. Funny typos.

I hope you’ll stay with me.


*It probably goes without saying, but this is a personal blog, unconnected to that magazine (which is why I’m not even naming it. But it has a yellow cover, if you must know!) and any editorial opinions expressed are mine alone.



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3 responses to “Turning the Page

  1. I’ll definitely be staying with you…

  2. So glad you are still going to be blogging!!!

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